More Money Isn’t the Solution: Why Earning More Won’t Change Anything!

We all have heard someone make the “I will be fine when…”. You know the statement that suggests everything will be find if they could get a jumpstart financially. Whether it be friends, family, or associates; there will be someone making a statement similar to “Well if I only had  $100,000, It would change my life!”
It is not about the amount, it is the imagination. A person needs the ability to manage money, as well as the knowledge of how to properly make use of that money. Money won’t solve a single problem in the long run. Many people have this confused and believe earning money is the secret to success and happiness. Here are the reasons why earning more money will not improve your life.

1. Large sums of money only temporarily provide an illusion of stability and status. This causes overconfidence, frivolousness, and poor choices. Without self development, basic principles of financial management, budgeting, and long-term planning the money will disappear quickly. Take lotteries for example. Most people buy tickets believing that a huge jackpot will provide them with a life changing opportunity to never struggle again or worry about money. They would be correct with the word “opportunity”, however they would likely to do just as poorly as the 70% of lottery winners who end up broke within 3 years of claiming huge winnings. 

2. You are not ready. The truth is that most people are not prepared for an increased income. Hell, you are mismanaging your 50k annual salary, are deeply in debt, haven’t cooked a meal this year… you haven’t mastered living on 50k, what makes you think you could manage 500k? Even pay raises are absorbed by the self pampering urge to increase lifestyle at the expense of getting ahead.

3.  Money has an attraction to positive management and money flees mismanagement. Don’t confuse this principle, as it is a law of simple economics. If you prepare yourself to be a better manager of resources that are outside of your current scope, your resources will always match your ability of management. This is why lottery winners go bankrupted… their abundance does not erase this principle, it merely takes a bit longer to dwindle down those dollars to the previous scope.

So let’s review what has been stated here by following a story that parallels the 3 principles why influxes of additional income dissolve over time.

Imagine a farmer who makes a living growing corn. He harvests it each year for a small profit that supports his current lifestyle of relaxing and enjoying his end of day whiskey. His farm is small and easily managed without larger farming machinery. Because he slaves day in, and day out he has never thought once about developing himself to be able to handle scalability of his farm. He has also not sought expansion because he lives a fairly comfortable life. Because of his basic view on life he is not prepared to harvest more corn. 

The farmer awakes on a summer day to find that a neighbor had gifted him 100 acres of the cornfields that neighbor the farmer’s property. As you can imagine the farmer was quite thrilled of the newly inherited wealth and enjoyed life for a few years. But when it came time to sow the crop again the farmer had no clue of how to maintain such wealth. He loss the crop and his income because he had never looked beyond his modest beginnings. 

Just like principle #1 he losses it all eventually for failure to grow himself. So their he stands in the center of his wilted 100 acres of rancid corn. From the provided principles he only appeared to be successful at the very beginning of the opportunity, but time revealed that without self improvement he could not improve his circumstances.

Principle #2 reveals that we are not ready for the abundance to come unless we have an imagination for abundance. The farmer barely got by on his modest crop and spent most of his time struggling to “get by”. In his mind he didn’t have time to plan because work had to be done. That is a self destroying philosophy that prevented him from even planning to scale his business. 

Lastly the farmer fell victim to the law of attraction. He refused to develop positive practices that attract positive results. Instead he most likely enjoyed further relaxation and enjoyed even more whiskey. He probably purchased equipment to harvest the crop but did not invest in reading about the science managing large crops.

At the end of the day, money only amplifies who we are. If you are a generous person, money allows you to be extraordinarily generous. If you are selfish, money will make you extraordinarily selfish. If you are an alcoholic, drug using, party goer… money will only allow you to do those things until the constant gravitational pull takes the money away from the foolish manager. Money is not going to change your life, unless you change! Money will simply reserve you a seat at your previous table if you fail to plan and grow. For those planning and growing, you’ve already cashed-in on your lottery ticket!


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    Great article & encouraging. I believe to be a good steward over little is to become a master over much; if and when the opportunity presents itself. .

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