Intentional Living: Goals, Passion, and the Price!

I believe the key success in life is intentional living. Very few people stumble into success. When we hear stories of great success they usually contain three keys that open the box to extraordinary things. The first key is setting SMART goals, the second key is a driving passion for winning, and last is willing to suffer (paying the price). Those keys are what differentiates success and failure. No one really wants to live an okay life, most want to have a wealth of stability and standard of living they have dreamed about. There are two steps in the creation process. First, we create a vision and next we begin to physical pursue that vision (goal). Whether or not we fulfill that vision depends on the passions you have for it and your willingness to pay the price.

Goals are the mental creations of our vision formed into SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Defined). For example one of my goals is “To create a million dollar net worth by age 55”. This one goal has dozens of goals beneath it that are also smart goals and aid in the attainment of the “master goal”. So goals are simply written plans that tell us where we are going. I am certain that I am not the first person to want to be a millionaire; however, my goal is not a want. That would be a huge understatement; my goal of a million dollar net worth is similar to an organization’s vision statement. It tells me where I want to be in the future and it is supported by some powerful “Whys”. This brings me to the next key to the wealth box.

Intentional living starts with passion. Passion is the desire, drive, or fire that keeps you pushing even when no gas in is the tank. To be passionate in goal attainment requires a “Why” and your passion will only be as strong as the commitment to your “Why”.  Why is it that I put myself thrown years of education and work two jobs?” (Hypothetical) because I would like to send all my children to the college of their choice so they have a better shot at being successful young adults”. That is a HUGE “Why”!

My passion is family and each day I awake and begin my morning ritual I remind myself of why I am up at 5 am during homework. An hour later it’s 6 am and I’m slicing strawberries while listening to financial or leadership audiobooks. In fact, I am educating myself in any free time I squeeze into my busy days. They are the reason I set my goal and they are the reason that failure is not possible. Passion may look occultist to those on the outside, but I’m guessing they haven’t asked themselves “Why do I go to work each morning”.

The last key is a willingness to accept the price you must pay in exchange for what you have decided to achieve. Our success in life will always be in direct proportion to the effort that we apply to obtain it. Intentional living means driving your thoughts and energies with the end in mind. It is no different from the elementary report cards you received in grade school. In order to get an A, it required more than following the pack. You had to study hard, have perfect attendance, enjoy learning, and do more than what was required. Life is no different. If you want to make an “A” wage, you need to be “A” Talent. Well to gain an “A” skill-set, it requires tons of hard work. It may sound generic, but it is the first thing that every successful person says when asked how they did it.

  1. Vision/Goal/Plan/Dream
  2. Faith/Persistence/Passion
  3. Hard Work/Paying the Price



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    You’re right, it’s all about planning realistically for the real goals we want to achieve! Eyes on the prize.

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