8 Questions You Should Ask yourself if You Want Wealth! (Part 1)

Everyone says they want wealth. So why is it that 76% of people are broke? It is because the only people who have or find wealth… are seeking it out! Money is the biggest enigma in most people’s lives. It is, as if money is an elusive, mythical beast, that only appears if when you buy twenty lottery tickets while wearing your lucky socks during tax season. Your hand itching and karma have nothing to do with the financial blessings that come your way. The universe isn’t planning to bestow a lucky jackpot, pay raise, or a crumbled up $100 bill on your path to work.

Money is a scarce resource that you should hold in your clutches with all the strength in your body. It most likely is the only thing providing a shelter, food, water, and a livelihood within your life. So by acknowledging that, we can assert that wealth is extremely important. I don’t mean to get all religious about money, family, health, and spirituality  come before wealth. It is ironic though, those things require money! I would imagine most could satisfy those needs, with the fact that most American households will have $2,000,000 dollars slide through their fingers in  a working lifetime. The sad part is that most people live modestly and retire broke. Why do so many fail at accumulating wealth or generally having money? It is because they are “financially freestyling” ;they will never get anywhere, because they  have no plan to go anywhere other than where the  crowd carries them. It takes strength, vision, and desire to go against the crowd; that is exactly what it takes to become financially stable.

You need to do the opposite of what the average person does.

They go out, you stay in.

They eat out at work, you bring your lunch

They spend their disposable income, you save yours

They vacation twice a year, you do day trips of little expense

They borrow, you save

They enjoy today’s splurge, you enjoy daily wealth


We become anything that we decide to, that is the power that we have; which separates us from the animals that graze in fields. We become what we think about! It is a guarantee that any thoughts you decide to master that assists your creation, will allow you to become what ever it is that you want to be. We can go as far back as the bible to prove this simple fact of self creation and the quest for fulfillment. 

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:7–12

Even if we take this text and take all the spiritually out, the text is very simple to understand. It is not a magic trick of asking god to provide your wants out loud. It is genuinely asking questions like the ones listed below, seeking to obtain the knowledge to fulfill the answers, and knocking until the door is opened. Most people aren’t achieving what they want from life because they are not asking, seeking, or knocking. Here are the questions to ask, if you are ready to turn your financial future around.

#1 What bad habits are preventing me from being financially stable?


#2 What are the habits of those who have money that I need to copy?


#3 Who do I need to spend time around/Who shall I stop spending time around?


#4 What are my financial goals for the next 3 years and the action steps to achieve them?


#5 What is my savings plan and how can I adhere to it to get me out of the trap?


#6 How can I protect what I have built or plan to build?


#7 Where do I place the most attention? Does it deserve that much focus?

#8 What do I need to do, to earn a salary that will allow me to live the life I dream about?


As far as the answers, I will be posting a part 2 that assist you in answering these very questions and formulating goals that steer you towards your newly defined goals. If you haven’t subscribed, be sure to do so! Check out my recommendations page for books and other tools I use to build wealth.


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    Very good questions. Very concise and to the point. They really make you think .

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