10 Tips that will ensure you conquer your goals!

I have always had a passion for goal attainment, personal development, a desire for success. In addition have always practiced long-term planning. Luckily I didn’t have to do anything radical in order to adopt my personal philosophy. I believe deeply,that anything can be achieved if you have passion, and invest tons of time into planning and personal development. Assuming these tasks have been centered around your goals. Here are several strategies that will assist you in conquering your goals.

1. Create an early morning personal development ritual. Prior to the birth of my beautiful baby girl Brielle, I practiced my ritual at 5am. I would awake super early to read self-development books, do schoolwork, plan my goals, and make the family breakfast. I hit pause on my ritual due to my daughter not sleeping through the night. However I recently started back up my sacred ritual! It feels wonderful to win before 8am. It not only boosts your abilities daily,  but it also gives a great sense of satisfaction.

Most people view mornings routines as a dreadful, annoying, unprepared frenzies, of forgetful blundering on the way out to work. The lack of preparation isn’t due to a lack of time,but a negative mindset and lack of a morning ritual. There is nothing more satisfying than arriving at work, having already accomplished what’s most important in your life. Life is short and we all can improve our enthusiasm for life. Create a morning ritual that will remind you of what you get out of bed for. Waking up is a blessing, people often forget that, as they complain that the morning has arrived so quickly. You should be excited that the morning has arrived, you’re one day closer to living your dreams, serving those u love, and enjoying all that you have created!

2. Write down your goals. Writing down your goals makes them become real. It creates a tangible piece of visual accountability that helps remind you of your thoughts.

3. Create a vision board.This can be a fun and rewarding task that will reveal your passions, values, and desires. It will force you to think intimately about what you want from life.

4. Find an accountability partner. If you are married,  there is rarely a better accountability partner than the person you have beside you. I would also say that best friends and peers who are targeting identical goals, make great accountability partners.

5. Make use of apps that store your ideas and dreams. There are thousands of apps that can be used for storing your goals, desires, and action steps. Evernote and Springpad are great places to start.

6. Find a Mentor who is where you would like to be. The best way to plan a journey, is to prepare for it. The best way to know how to prepare, is to ask someone who has traveled the path what is needed.

7. Surround yourself with goal driven peers. I believe the saying that “you are the median of your five closest friends.” If you maintain friendships with your successful, positive, and happy friends; chances are pretty high that you will foster the same values.

8. Find a visual way to track your progress. You can take advantage of sites like Pinterest for ideas on how to display your goals in fun and creative ways.

9. Improve who you are. In Steven Covey’s famous book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” (which is located on my recommendations page). We are taught to sharpen the saw. The sharper the saw is, the easier the task of cutting becomes. If we fail to continuous improve our skills in areas such as communication and leadership, than we will not be prepared when the opportunity for growth appears.

10. Maintain a religious obsession with your goals. You have to continue to plan and adjust regardless of the obstacles that appear. Think with the end in mind and never relent!

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